The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice, Book 5)

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The Sorcerer in the North (Ranger's Apprentice, book 5) by John Flanagan

View all. Events Podcasts Apps. Contact us Contact us Offices Media contacts Catalogues. Paperback Ebook. View more editions. Buy from. Read more. Lord Syron , the master at castle Macindaw, has fallen sick from some strange illness. Rumors have spread that a sorcerer was respond action. He travels part of the way to Norgate Fief with a "retired" Ranger called Berrigan who still works undercover occasionally for the Ranger Corps, travelling as a jongleur with his guittara.

Once in Norgate Fief, Will, now comfortable with his role as a jongleur, heads for an inn to gather his first information. After playing a few songs on his mandolin, the crowd in the tavern quickly warm to him and become quite friendly.

The Sorcerer of the North (Ranger's Apprentice Series #5)

Shadow is also with Will, and he has trained her to help in his act. The village folk reveal some of what they know about the situation at Castle Macindaw after Will says that is where he wishes to travel to next.

An irate bibliophile, he always wears black. Orman is an unpopular ruler due to his lack of skill in battle and being more of a scholar than anything else.

Will also meets Sir Keren , Orman's cousin and a more popular man among the subjects in the castle. Will is immediately suspicious of Orman and so is Alyss, who just happens to be his contact sent by Halt and Crowley. Later as the plot unfolds Orman summons Will to his quarters and it is revealed that the guise of a simple jongleur has failed and Orman knows Will to be a Ranger. Orman tells Will that Keren was planning a take over of the castle and that Keren has poisoned Lord Syron and has managed to do the same to Orman. So Will escapes from the castle with Orman and his assistant, Xander to Grimsdell Woods where the "sorcerer" lives.

Once there, they find Malcom the "sorcerer" and ask for his help which he gives. Alyss meanwhile is puzzled seeing Will help Orman and entertains many hypotheses, none of which are right. Then Keren enters her room to tell her about recent events, but as they are talking, John Buttle walks in. He recognizes Alyss and she is captured.

Rangers Apprentice Book 5 Chapter 4

Keren hypnotizes her with a stone and tries to force her to tell the truth; the first attempt doesn't work, but the second does. Hardcover , pages. Add a Rating. Ranger51 Tuesday, February 27, at am. This was the one book that made you start to wonder if he was going to introduce stuff like magic into this series It was almost like a mystery, with a ton of suspense as Will tries to find the "Sorcerer" in the woods that everyone is afraid of But it's not one of those like "dumb ghost stories" either, it seems so real and so intense, and since John Flanagan was writing in a way at least so far in this series that it seemed a lot more realistic, as if this stuff actually could have happened in medieval times, this book suddenly introduces a character where you begin to wonder if he actually has magic, or if it's just all a big trick!

The Sorcerer in the North (MP3 CD)

I'll have to leave you hanging, here! Find out for yourself! Shadowbolt Wednesday, December 2, at pm. This was a great book, where Will has to get away from castle Macindaw with it's King, when the kings father is killed by a disease.

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  • The Sorcerer In The North - Ranger's Apprentice Book 5 (Unabridged).

Will goes deep into the evil forest to seek help from an evil sorcerer, but is he really evil. This was a great book that I loved.