The Life of St Dominic Savio by St John Bosco

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This book, along with other accounts of him, were critical factors in his cause for sainthood.

Life of Saint Dominic Savio

Despite his young age he was considered eligible for sainthood on the basis of his having displayed "heroic virtue" in his everyday life. He is the only person of his age group who was declared a saint not on the basis martyrdom.

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In return the young people would put on an entertainment for the people of the towns they visited.

Early on the morning of the first Monday of October' in , Dominic and his father went looking for Don Bosco, who was going to be in the town of Murialdo on the outing. Dominic greeted Don Bosco with a bright smile, "Good morning, Father. I come from Mondonio. This is my father, Mr. Charles Savio. Father Cagliero, my teacher, told me that I should talk to you. Did he tell you about me? Without hesitation Dominic asked, "Father, will you take me to Turin with you to the Oratory to study? You can be the tailor, and I'll be the cloth.

Make me into a beautiful garment for Our Lord. Knowing a little about the boy from information given by his Pastor, Fr. Do you think that you will be all right? Life at the Oratory is not the same as at home? Now let's see how quick you are at learning. Take this book and see if you can learn this page by heart.

Come back tomorrow when you have it memorized. Go now and join the other boys in that game.

St. Dominic Savio: A Saint for Young People

I want to talk to your father. Don Bosco sent Dominic off to join the other boys who were playing, and then he turned to have a word with his father. Savio assured Don Bosco that his son was a very good boy and a bright student. To Don Bosco's surprise, Dominic returned a few minutes later. Smiling, he said, "I can recite it now if you want me to, Father! Dominic was motivated to accomplish the task as soon as he could so that he could join the other youngsters who were playing near by. With a little doubt in his voice Don Bosco asked, "That is very impressive, Dominic, but do you know the meaning of what you have just recited?

Eagerly Dominic explained clearly the meaning of the passage to the delight of both Don Bosco and his father. From now on you are one of the Oratory boys. Francis De Sales in early October He was twelve-and-a-half years old. Dominic paid Don Bosco a visit in his office a few days after his arrival.

Dominic noticed a sign in a frame hanging over the door. Don Bosco explained, "That is a motto, Da mihi animas caetera tolle. It is Latin. Do you understand Latin? Francis De Sales, our patron. I have taken it as my motto. It is translated: Give me souls: take away the rest.

Don Bosco Explained, "I am very concerned that I work hard to help people and myself save our souls by following Jesus, nothing else really matters. Don Bosco and his Salesians took great care to prepare the young people of the Oratory for that special day.

St. John Bosco and Saint Dominic Savio

The whole community gathered in the Chapel. In a special prayer service the Salesians and the young people offered themselves to Mary, the Immaculate Mother of Jesus. Dominic remembered his first Communion resolutions and renewed them. Death but not sin… he remembered. A few months later on the second Sunday of Lent, , Don Bosco was preaching to the boys of the Oratory.

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He exclaimed, "Every one is called to be a saint, and do you know, it is easy to be a saint. Just do this: diligently do the ordinary things of the day in an extra ordinary way. He began to think most seriously about what it meant to be a saint. He became quiet and looked worried. Don Bosco stopped him one day and asked him if something was bothering him, "Dominic, do you feel all right? I have been thinking about your sermon last Sunday. From now on, I am going to be very serious about becoming a saint. Perform all your duties exactly, and above all be cheerful.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver. At first Dominic did not really understand what Don Bosco meant. In his eagerness to become holy, Dominic began to do what he understood to be penance. He had heard about saints of the Middle Ages who would go on severe fasts and punish themselves with painful physical penances. Dominic actually put pieces of wood or small stones in his bed so that he could "suffer for Christ.

Keep in mind that the Lord, Jesus is always with you and wants your happiness.

Dominic Savio - Wikipedia

The educational method Don Bosco and his Salesians was guiding Dominic and the other youngsters of the Oratory, helping them to develop and grow into maturity. In a short booklet entitled, The Preventive System, he described his approach to youth ministry as based on reason, religion and loving-kindness.

Don Bosco developed youth to youth ministry a hundred years before the term came to be used in education. Don Bosco began his ministry with very little help and no expertise except his own experience as a child and his keen insights into the nature of young people. He had to train a taskforce of people who would become experts in caring for these at-risk children. He gathered a hand full of generous adults willing to follow his lead and a large number of youth whom he could train to minister to their peers. Dominic became one of these young apostles.

St Dominic Savio

He was already very pious, but now he became a person of prayer. Dominic realized that part of becoming a saint was sharing his knowledge and awareness of God with his companions.

Dominic was well liked by his classmates at the Oratory. He did well in school and enjoyed the games the other youngsters played. In Italy at the middle of the nineteenth century children did not play sports as we do today. Instead they enjoyed any number of games, races and field games.