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She stayed in room , in case this story is, for some reason, appealing to you.

This imposing castle is said to be haunted by La Dame Verte, aka the Green Lady, who was murdered by her husband during the 15th century when she was caught cheating. The Green Lady has holes in her face instead of a nose and eyes. So there's that. This inn appears to be haunted by a fleet of partying sailor ghosts, and guests are known to report strange noises in the empty rooms next to them. Makes sense considering the hotel was once a stopping point for traveling SEAMEN , some of whom inevitably died there.

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And yes, there's a ghost tour. This Hollywood hotel is famously haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia, who's been seen lurking around the 10th and 11th floors. Oh, and if that's not enough for you, there's also a " boy with no face " wandering around the building.

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Happy travels! Basically, a family of sheep farmers froze to death outside the hotel in the s, and now they enjoy freaking out visiting guests. There's also a "little girl in a pink dress" who likes to make the occasional appearance, and, ah yes, there's the "girl who drowned" who haunts room 6.

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Loving all these guest photos! Remember to tag us in your Myrtles photos! This is the sort of hotel that will send even your most skeptical non-believing-in-ghosts friend screaming into the night. Don't believe me?

Colombia’s Haunted Hotel

Curious travelers from all over the world come learn about the grizzly murders that rocked a small post-Victorian town in Massachusetts. What do YOU think? Listen, what could be spooky about spending a cozy night-in inside the same home Lizzie Borden's father and step-mother were brutally murdered? A post shared by Calif. A former headmistress, Miss Mary Lake , haunts the hallways and room inside this Victorian hotel so be nice to your teachers. A relaxing afternoon begins here. You know how some hotels are adults-only? OK, this resort has a ton of ghost children running around so it's nothing like that.


Can you guess how long the Hotel Monteleone has been around? Photo: theroadtaken2.


Not recommended for children under No Refunds. Online tickets can be used any night. You will need to present your ticket for scanning at all 3 points of entry. Ticket Booth: Ticket Booth hours are same as Haunt We can accept credit cards, plus service fee, as long as there are no unexpected issues with internet connection. Online Tickets: Tickets are available online in advance, plus service fees.

Available Soon! The bathroom was right across from our room and my sister Betti and our travelbuddy Ina joined. While Ina was in the bathroom, Betti and I were waiting for her in the hallway.

America's Most Haunted Hotel | Eureka Springs, Arkansas | The Halloween City

Suddenly, we heard steps. Someone was coming down the stairs, we could tell. Sure enough, they did it in the creepy horror movie kind of way — slow steps with a break of about a second in between.

We could see a shadow approaching us from behind the corner of the hallway. Then a man appeared. He was about fourty. My sister and I looked at each other, glanced down on our PJs and looked back at the man. What a weird question. Because I keep hearing someone knocking. Eventually, we just got back to bed and fell asleep soon.

The next morning, I did some research.

There are several entries in various forums such as Reddit where a guy tells people about how the hallways of Panama Hotel are haunted. He made it pretty clear, though, that rooms are not.