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The 3 Best Throwing Axes

I really like this idea. I've never made a character who specialises in throwing knives but I am really tempted to after reading this. Plus there is an exploit in SoD I want to try out. Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy. Grond0 Member Posts: 5, Icecreamtub said:. JuliusBorisov How is the post now? I made the example changes you suggested! Out of curiosity, does the single weapon style apply to throwing weapons? Otherwise, you probably want to pick up a huge shield. Skatan Member, Moderator Posts: 4, No, as far as I've seen from playing this build it doesn't. In which case, yes, it does apply - As you're using a Melee Weapon instead of the Missile version.

However that only works with the magical daggers and not the stacks of Throwing Daggers. Kensai and Monk do some really nifty stuff. Depends which you value more - Raw damage or high mobility with the ability to also eventually start avoiding arrows naturally. Being immune to poison and having Magic Resistance is also helpful as well.

Kensai/Dual into Mage:

I think Blackguard with this kind of build is more like a slightly more specialised Assassin or Bard because of how it uses a little of this and that. Naturally nothing really competes, theoretically, with extremely high backstabbing - However, realistically, you'd probably get yourself into a pickle trying to do that as a Backline Unit.

My idea of neat and tidy is apparently a lot of people's idea of finicky, unnecessary time wasting formatting. I think I end up spending about hours per main thread I assumed wrongly when you brought up Dual Wielding that's what you were looking at and was wondering where it would be of good use in any fight from BG1 to BG2:ToB. So I personally don't think you'd need to switch out to either of those weapons unless you really need fire damage to kill certain enemies or Electric from Gesen's to do it's Anti-Mage approach Which is covered by Poison Weapon for Mages if you have it or Poison Throwing Daggers stashed ahead of time.

I mean, it's still certainly an option, of course. Just the build is kinda suppose to focus on having Throwing Daggers, even as limited as they are. I'd definitely recommend it! Monk gives you all the options and weeds out a few of the problem areas that this build might face in a play through. Monks are fun in general for me, I just end up never using Unarmed because the animation is very Awkward, haha!

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Just remove the quotemarks for use, doesn't require a closing tag. So I decided to have go at a character who specialises in throwing daggers and made myself a human Kensai, a class I've never played before. Fuller gives it to you in Candlekeep as a reward for fetching some crossbow bolts if you have got CHA He says his father once backstabbed a Hobgoblin with it. So far I have managed to chunk a couple of them by using it to front-stab them. Glad you're having so much fun stabbing your foes!

I have a character that is eerily similiar that I imagine to also look like that portrait. Icecreamtub It's actually a portrait of Imoen by an artist named NixxiCal. I'm glad you like the name. I'm not very good at thinking up names so I tend to use the same ones over and over again.

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  • How to Start and Build a Case Knife Collection?
  • Holly the Lost used to be a Ranger a long time ago but it seemed to fit with my image of a Kensai facing the world alone so I brought it back into use. When you've decided how you want to collect, it makes life easier to create a want list. That'll keep you focused and give you the satisfaction of crossing out things you buy. Your want lists should be centered around the type of pattern, handle, or style you're starting out with.

    Knife Throwing for Beginners

    Pick a range of knives that you like the look of or would have fun pursuing within your collection guidelines. If you're jumping into the hobby, it's never fun doing it alone. In fact, it's darn near impossible to build your collection alone. A great way to expand your collection and enjoyment is to attend knife shows or swap meets to talk to your fellow collectors. Not only will they give you insight and knowledge about Case knives but they will also be able to point you to auctions and dealers.

    Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife

    An easy place for beginners to start is the Case Collectors Club. Membership gets you a subscription to the quarterly The Case Collector magazine, access to an online community, and alerts about exclusive promotions. Sometimes, when you get that rare knife at a yard sale, you need to restore it to its former glory. A used knife can often benefit from a thorough cleaning. We have some fantastic knife care and maintenance tips or you can head over to Case's site for some other knife care recommendations.

    If there's rust on the knife, we wrote a nice blog post about how to remove the rust from your blade by using rust remover like WD or white vinegar. Amassing a collection is only half the battle. Once you have a few knives under your belt, proper storage and displaying is key for maintenance. You don't want your knives accumulating dust or getting rusty, so you should consider two options. The first is an actual Case display box. These typically have a glass window where you can see all the knives you have. A second option is for a regular knife storage case or knife bag. These won't necessarily display your knives openly, but it will keep them clean and hidden away.

    If you have hundreds of knives, you may not want them all out for the world to see.

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    Knife rolls also make it easier to carry your collection places. There's no real wrong way to collect, so you shouldn't be too rigid in your collecting techniques, but you should heed one important piece of advice: have fun. There's a huge difference between being frustrated about not finding a certain knife and downright hating knife-collecting. Some frustration is to be expected throughout your collecting, but it should never feel burdensome.