Some properties of the Cremona group

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Weakly curved A-infinity algebras over a topological local ring Positselski L. Weyl modules and q-Whittaker functions Braverman A. Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics. A desingularization of arbitrary quiver Grassmannians for representations of Dynkin quivers is constructed in terms of quiver Grassmannians for an algebra derived equivalent to the Auslander algebra of the quiver.

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On equivariant triangulated categories Alexey Elagin. On maps taking lines to plane curves Timorin V. On semilinear representations of the infinite symmetric group Rovinsky M. On surfaces with zero vanishing cycles Serge Lvovski. Manuscripta Mathematica. On the Galois groups of the dualizing coverings for plane curves Vik. On the phenomena of constant curvature in the diffusion-orthogonal polynomials Lev Soukhanov. Discrete and Computational Geometry.

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Some properties of dynamical degrees with a view towards cubic fourfolds

Finite Fields and Their Applications. Five embeddings of one simple group Ivan Cheltsov, Constantin Shramov. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. Full symplectic packing for tori and hyperkahler manifolds Entov M. Galois cohomology of a number field is Koszul Positselski L.

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Journal of Number Theory. Gamma classes and quantum cohomology of Fano manifolds: Gamma conjectures Galkin S. Geometric mitosis and Newton-Okounkov polytopes Valentina Kiritchenko. Holography principle for twistor spaces Verbitsky M. Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly. Representation Theory.

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Instanton moduli spaces and W-algebras Braverman A. Isomonodromic differential equations and differential categories Gorchinskiy S. Journal des Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees. Jordan property for groups of birational selfmaps Yuri Prokhorov, Constantin Shramov. Appendix to "Holography principle for twistor spaces" Kaledin D. Automorphisms in Birational and Affine Geometry. Levico Terme Cheltsov I. Heidelberg; NY; Dordrecht; L. American Mathematical Society, Categorical Bockstein sequences Positselski L.

Le groupe de Cremona et ses sous-groupes de type fini

Characteristic foliation on non-uniruled smooth divisors on projective hyperkaehler manifolds Amerik E. Classical integrable systems and soliton equations related to eleven-vertex R-matrix A. Nuclear Physics B. Classical integrable systems and soliton equations related to eleven-vertex R-matrix Levin A.

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  • Combinatorial models for spaces of cubic polynomials Blokh A. Compact Kahler 3-manifolds without nontrivial subvarieties Campana F. Conjugacy classes in discrete Heisenberg groups Roman Budylin.