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I simply took our house dry rub and turned it into a brine. You can make this the same way, or skip the brine and apply a smaller amount of dry rub to the skin—just don't brine and rub the bird, or it will be too salty. I prepared this using the brine - which means you don't apply the rub directly to the chicken. I used a combination of charcoal and applewood chunks. It turned out moist but not flavorful. If I make this again, I will make a version of the rub without the salt and apply it after the brine. I brine my birds and smoke them for about 2.

Then I remove from the smoker and finish in the oven in a covered roasting pan at They usually finish in about minutes. There are two advantages to this method. The bones and drippings make a wonderful broth.

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Excellent rub! Smoked for 5. I'll be using this recipe again soon and often. Made this last night. Holy cow - it was amazing. Our four year old gobbled it up, my 15 year old proclaimed that it was the best chicken he ever ate he even wrapped the leftovers in foil and wrote "World's best chicken" on it. It was as tender as any chicken I've ever eaten and so flavorful that it needed no sauce. I brined the chicken 8 lb per the directions for 5.

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I put the rub between the skin and the meat, but then put the extra on the skin. Electric smoked upright chicken was upright on a stand for 3 hours with Mesquite at , then up to for the last 45 minutes the breast meat was still at degrees and I was going for I gave up and decided to microwave it if it wasn't cooked. Everything was cooked to perfection - no radiation required!


I'm hungry just writing this review. World's best chicken, indeed!

How To Smoke Chicken Breast

Know that even though this is hot smoking, you still do not want high temperatures. Start with a small fire and work your way up as you go. It is important to bring the temperature up gradually or you will get that white albumin "bleed" on the meat. NOTE: What my smoker is set at is not necessarily what the actual temperature is. Smoking is an art, not a science. To keep temperatures mild, always put water in your drip pan to keep the temperature down. If your smoker is very hot, like a Traeger can get, put ice in the tray. Baste the Fish. After an hour in the smoker, baste the fish with birch or maple syrup, or honey; do this every hour.

This is a good way to brush away any albumin that might form.

In most cases, you will get a little. You just don't want a ton of it. Even if you can't control your temperature this precisely, you get the general idea.

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Incidentally, yes, I keep the smoke on the whole time. You must be careful about your heat. Other than failing to dry your salmon long enough, the single biggest problem in smoking salmon is too high heat. If you've ever seen salmon "bleed" a white, creamy substance, that's a protein called albumin. If you see lots of it, you've screwed up; a little is normal. Here's what happens: If you cook a piece of salmon at too high a heat, the muscle fibers in the meat contract so violently that they extrude albumin, which immediately congeals on the surface of the fish. It's ugly, and it also means your salmon will be drier than it could have been.

You prevent this with a solidly formed pellicle, and by keeping your heat gentle. If you let your heat get away from you and you do get a white mess on your salmon, all is not lost.

Just flake it out and make salmon salad with it: The mayonnaise in the salad will mask any dryness. Cool and Store the Fish. Once your fish is smoked, let it rest on the cooling rack for an hour before you put it in the fridge. Once refrigerated and wrapped in plastic, smoked fish will keep for 10 days. If you vacuum-seal it, the fish will keep for up to 3 weeks. Or freeze your fish for up to a year.

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Notes One last piece of advice: Try to fill up your smoker with fish. This process takes a while to do, and your smoker doesn't care if its full or half-empty, so you might as well make a big batch. Serving: g Calories: kcal Protein: Marinating: 8 hours. Total Time: 1 hour 45 minutes. Servings: 4. Calories: kcal.

Author: Julie Evink.

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Ingredients 2 lb top sirloin steak. Instructions In a small mixing bowl mix together all ingredients for marinade. Trim steak and cut into 2'' pieces. Place in ziploc bag and pour marinade of the top of steak. Squeeze as much air out as possible and shut bag.

Recipe: Smoked Brisket

Place in refrigerator for at least 8 hours or overnight. When ready to smoke the steak bites prepare smoked to degrees according to manufacturer's directions. Place directly on the smoker grates or on a rack. Discard remaining marinade. Smoke for 1 hour and 30 minutes or until the internal temp is - degrees F. Remove from smoker and serve immediately. Comments My husband would eat like, all of these.