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Nevertheless, it was still fairly entertaining. And at only 45 minutes long it ended before it could become stale. I give it Three book burnings out of Five. It finally happened! An excellent old-school PC game a game you've likely never heard of just got released on Steam and is now playable on all computers.

It is the only first-person action RPG that actually brings the Grid to life. That game is Tron 2. It was released back in , but don't let that stop you from checking it out, because once you enter the Grid you don't even notice the polygon count. The sheer joy one experiences of throwing their identity disk into the face of an irate ICP Intrusion Countermeasure Program can only be described as holistic programming. I didn't actually know about this game back when it came out in In fact, I'd hadn't even heard about it until , when a friend of mine mentioned it to me once when we were talking about the movie Tron.

He let me borrow his copy of the disks and, upon installation, I immediately fell in love. Everything in this game is Tron-centric in its lore and descriptions, and happily abuses computer terminology for the purposes of the story and setting. Email messenger programs have little messenger bags, firewalls appear as giant walls of fire, Resource Hogs look like pig-faced orcs and have names like "realplyr.

Its so excellently pun-filled but keeps it completely legit. Plus it is an FPS with plenty of rpg-like elements. You can find 'build points' XP to upgrade your 'version number' level , and use them to improve your processing capacity magic item capability.

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As some of you know I have an unhealthly love for the Tron universe. This game is a big part of it. While the storyline isn't technically considered 'canon' after Tron: Legacy came out, there isn't that much crossover between the two that would get in the way of them both being considered legit.

Just a few emails you find from Kevin Flynn that take place after in the game would have to be removed, and those are just filler emails for storyline purposes. You don't even need to find them, so its not even an issue, really. In that process I referenced Tron 2. Constantly re-playing and using the leveling elements, the subroutine installation pieces equipment , and all the weapons from the game. It really was a Tron 2. Tron 2. Check it out!

End of Line. Normally I avoid other people like the plague. Other people have things you don't want: Responsibilities, questions, germs, morals, opinions. Yes, even with the advent of the internet, Malls still survive, and they still seethe with endless masses of humanity. And the dreaded worst day of all one could be at one of these Malls, be they 'West Gate-' or 'Strip-', is on Black Friday. They call it Black Friday because if you dare go out into the world on Black Friday, the sheer amount of forced human interaction will make it seem as if the very sun has been blotted out into an unholy eclipse, and will crush you under and endless parade of Ugg boots and flat-brimmed hats with the stickers still on them.

But this year there is a silver lining. While the actual release date is December 9th, those in the know with their FLGS will be able to snatch it up early, assuming they are willing to go outdoors on the dreaded Darkest Day of Days. I, for one, will rise to this challenge, and face the bitter cold of human small-talk and make my way into the land of the Pegasi to purchase such a Noble Tome.

I've been looking forward to its release ever since I cracked open the 5th Edition Players Handbook, and I will have it. I will obtain it well before the dregs of humanity get it on the 9th. And I don't even have to go to the big Mall!

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Ha ha! So, the moral is: Support your local game store this Friday gamers! As longtime readers of the Chainsword will know, so far I've been really liking the new 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules from the Player's Handbook PHB for the most part, but with some caveats. I take issue with the 5e PHB's coddling approach to Healing.

I won't re-hash it all here, but suffice it to say that has far too generous healing to actually allow truly noteworthy battles to occur at the gaming table, because death is almost never going to be a threat to the players. They can always just take a 'long rest' overnight and be at full hit points the next morning. Just sleep it off, Boromir.

Riddle Rooms: Dungeon Dilemmas No. 1 (1993, Paperback)

No special benefits. Take a breather, plan your next move, whatever. Character can spend hit dice up to their level to 'fast heal' their hit points, as the 5th Edition 'Short Rest' rules. If the player doesn't spend any of these magic hit dice then they regain hit points equal to their level. Just like Tymora intended. Hmm, that looks strangely familiar. I'm either prophetic, or I should check my office for hidden cameras Now, I'm not saying the Mike Mearls and Chris Perkins are big fans of the Vorpal Chainsword and rushed to change the DMG at the last minute to include these alternate healing rules because they recognized the genius in them They also added a couple more rules that I hadn't considered but really like.

First, that using the free hit dice healer-boost option requires the expenditure of Healer's Kit materials. Finally, more function out of a Healer's Kit than just stabilizing the rogue.


I love this idea. To get the rapid healing, you have to use gauze, poultices, antiseptic, and all the medical stuff from a First Aid Kit. It makes a basic Healer's Kit a resource and valuable, rather than just something the cleric bought and carries around because it was suggested to him during character creation.

The second new rule option is extending the rest durations out significantly: NOW we're getting Old-School up in this!

I like this most of all. Where adventuring parties map out a dungeon over months of game-time, and don't just steamroll through one per session video game-style. It also forces the dungeon master to do more than fill his dungeon with traps and monsters, because dying from those will get boring fast. Instead it will make the dungeon master focus on setting the scene, adding in puzzles that aren't necessarily traps , and make each battle something the PCs really have to think about how to safely tackle when they arise.

I take issue with that second opinion paragraph of that optional rule however, where it says " It's a good option for campaigns that emphasize intrigue, politics, etc. This is a good option for making dungeons awesome, not engaging the local community theater. If the PCs need to help a local noble win out over a rival, then I guarantee in my game it is going to involve the players being hired by said noble to seek out an ancient family heirloom hidden somewhere inside the Crypt of the Faceless Terrors. This rule just makes it make it more realistic when the players press the noble for a bigger reward before they get started and probably some up-front money to buy extra Healer's Kits.

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All in all, the DMG has some fantastic stuff in it. I haven't even touched upon the dungeon or villain generator. But the Dungeon Bastard has already covered that pretty darn well, so for now I'll point you in his direction. Game on! They also took away racial restrictions for classes, so now Halflings could be Paladins and Dwarves can be Wizards. This was done all in the name of game re-balancing and a general movement in the industry towards "game balance. Isn't that great?! No, not really. Let's not even consider the Paladin, who needed a freaking 17 Charisma to be rolled.

But first, a little honesty: I was just as excited as everyone else back in the early days of 3e to mix and match races and classes with impunity. I had just spent ten long years in campaigns where the roll of the dice at the outset of character creation was something to be both excited about and feared, so being able to make a Half-Orc Paladin seemed like the freedom I'd always wanted. If you had a Monty Haul-style DM then they might let you roll 4d6 drop-the-lowest still in order for stats. Each class had minimum ability requirements to enter it. Now you know why they got ambidexterity for free.

But when you consider you're supposed to roll 3d6 and assign them in order Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha , now you can see where luck has a huge roll in your first character.