Rant: The Oral Biography of Buster Casey

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Neddy Nelson Party Crasher : Can you explain how in the amateur paleontologist William Meister in Antelope Spring, Utah, split a block of shale while searching for trilobite fossils, but instead discovered the fossilized five—hundred—million—year—old footprint of a human shoe? And how did another fossilized shoe print, found in Nevada in , occur in rock from the Triassic era?

Echo Lawrence Party Crasher : Driving to Middleton, rolling across all that fucking country in the middle of the night, Shot Dunyun punched buttons, scanning the radio for traffic reports. Morning or evening drive—time bulletins from oceans away. Gridlock and traffic backups where it's still yesterday. Slow down and stretch your neck for a good long look at a two—car fatal accident in the left-most lane. The front vehicle is a sea—green Plymouth Road Runner with a four—barrel carb—equipped —cubic—inch, cast—iron—block V8.

Original ice—white interior. Fancy words for whiplash so bad it snaps your neck.

Regis, cream color, with the optional deluxe chrome package and fixed rear quarter—windows. A sweet ride. As you rubberneck past, please note the driver was a twenty—six—year—old male with a nothing—special transverse fracture of the sternum, bilateral rib fractures, and his lungs impaled by the fractured ribs, all due to impact with his steering wheel. Plus, the boys in the meat wagon tell me, severe internal exsanguination. So—buckle up and slow down. Reporting for Graphic Traffic, this is Tina Something… Echo Lawrence: We broke curfew and the government quarantine, and we drove across these stretches of nothing.

Me, riding shotgun. Shot Dunyun, driving.

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Neddy Nelson was in the backseat, reading some book and telling us how Jack the Ripper never died—he traveled back in time to slaughter his mom, to make himself immortal—and now he's the U. President or the Pope. Maybe some crackpot theory proving how UFOs are really human tourists visiting us from the distant future.

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The best friend, Bodie Carlyle, he went to school with. All the dipshit farm families, the Perrys and Tommys and Elliots, he used to go on and on talking about. Most of Party Crashing was just us driving in cars, talking. Such a cast of yokels. Our goal was to flesh out the stories Rant had told. How weird is that? The car that Rant had bought for Neddy. Tonight was a Student Driver Night. The sliver swells to a bulge of white light, a half—circle, then a full circle.

A full moon. Echo Lawrence: We told each other stories instead of playing music. The stories Rant had told, about his growing up.

The stories about Rant, we had to piece them together out of details we each had to dig up from the basement of the basement of the basement of our brains. Everyone pitching in some memory of Rant, we drove along, pooling our stories. Shot Dunyun: The local Middleton sheriff stopped us, and we told him the truth: We were making a pilgrimage to see where Rant Casey had been born. A night like this with everybody in town asleep, the little Rant Casey would be ham—radioing. Wearing his headphones. As a kid, a night like this, Rant used to turn the dial, looking for traffic reports from Los Angeles and New York.

Listening to traffic jams and tie—ups in London. Slowdowns in Atlanta. Three—car pile—ups in Paris, reported in French. Learning Spanish in terms of neumatico desinflado and punto muerto. Flat tires and gridlock in Madrid. Imbottigliamento, for gridlock in Rome. Het roosterslot, gridlock in Amsterdam.

Saturation, gridlock in Paris. The whole invisible world of the traffic sphere. Echo Lawrence: Come on.

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Driving around any hillbilly burg between midnight and sunrise, you take your chances. How Rant Casey had been killed by moving to the city. City people were all murderers. Meaning us.

RANT BUSTER CASEY "god abused me" LIVE

This sheriff was boosting some kind of Texas Ranger affect, plugged into and looping some John Wayne brain chemistry. His shoulders stayed pinned back, square. His thumbs hooked behind his belt buckle. And he rocked forward and back on the heels of his cowboy boots. Talk about the worst question Shot could ask. Neddy Nelson: You tell me, how in did the physicist Sir David Brewster discover a metal nail fully embedded in a block of Devonian sandstone more than three hundred million years old?

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