Quantum Mechanics: An Empiricist View

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  • Quantum mechanics : an empiricist view.
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  • Quantum Mechanics: An Empiricist View.
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Van Fraassen has proposed an additional principle Reflection or Special Reflection , which he now regards as a special case of an even more general principle General Reflection. Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Retrieved 17 July Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Summer ed.

Quantum Mechanics - Part 1: Crash Course Physics #43

Introduction and "Contrast with Logical Positivism". Analytic philosophy. Epistemology Language Mathematics Science. Aretaic Linguistic.

  • Quantum Mechanics: An Empiricist View - Oxford Scholarship.
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  • Quantum Mechanics: An Empiricist View.

Classical Mathematical Non-classical Philosophical. Charlie Broad Norman Malcolm G. Moore Bertrand Russell Frank P. Ramsey Ludwig Wittgenstein. Anscombe J.

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    Quantum Mechanics: An Empiricist View

    Argumentation Metalogic Metamathematics Set. Mathematical logic Boolean algebra Set theory. Logicians Rules of inference Paradoxes Fallacies Logic symbols. Philosophy of science.


    Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. After introducing the empiricist point of view in philosophy of science, and the concepts and methods of the semantic approach to scientific theories, van Fraassen discusses quantum theory in three stages.

    He first examines the question of whether and how empirical phenomena require a non-classical theory, and what sort of theory they require. He then discusses the mathematical foundations of quantum theory with special reference to developments in the modelling of interaction, composite systems, and measurement. Finally, the author broaches the main questions of interpretation.

    He again gives special attention to the character of composite, many-body systems and especially to the peculiar character of assemblies of identical particles in quantum statistics. See All Customer Reviews. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Search my Subject Specializations: Select Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content.

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    More Quantum theory was developed in response to a welter of new experimental phenomena, yet appeared to depict a world so esoteric as to be literally unimaginable. Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication. Print Save Cite Email Share. Show Summary Details. Subscriber Login Email Address.

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