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An industrial robot is an excellent example of a mechatronics system; it includes aspects of electronics, mechanics, and computing to do its day-to-day job. Mechatronics engineers have distinct personalities.

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They are curious, methodical, rational, analytical, and logical. Does this sound like you? Take our free career test to find out if mechatronics engineer is one of your top career matches. Mechatronics engineers work in industries such as robotics, aerospace, medical and assistive technology, mining or defence, material handling, human-machine interaction, manufacturing, unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, and education. They may work in laboratories, high tech companies, large global enterprises, processing plants or engineering offices but can also be involved with research in emerging fields like bioengineering, nanotechnology and robotics.

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Mechatronics engineers may be required to travel to present at a conference or view a new design idea or innovative technology. What is a Mechatronics Engineer? The most known architectures involve hierarchy , polyarchy , heterarchy , and hybrid. The methods for achieving a technical effect are described by control algorithms , which might or might not utilize formal methods in their design.


Hybrid systems important to mechatronics include production systems , synergy drives, planetary exploration rovers , automotive subsystems such as anti-lock braking systems and spin-assist, and everyday equipment such as autofocus cameras, video, hard disks , and CD players. Mechanical modeling calls for modeling and simulating physical complex phenomena in the scope of a multi-scale and multi-physical approach.

This implies to implement and to manage modeling and optimization methods and tools, which are integrated in a systemic approach. The specialty is aimed for students in mechanics who want to open their mind to systems engineering, and able to integrate different physics or technologies, as well as students in mechatronics who want to increase their knowledge in optimization and multidisciplinary simulation techniques. Special courses are also proposed for original applications multi-materials composites, innovating transducers and actuators , integrated systems, … to prepare the students to the coming breakthrough in the domains covering the materials and the systems.

For some mechatronic systems, the main issue is no longer how to implement a control system, but how to implement actuators. An emerging variant of this field is biomechatronics , whose purpose is to integrate mechanical parts with a human being, usually in the form of removable gadgets such as an exoskeleton.


This is the "real-life" version of cyberware. Another variant that we can consider is Motion control for Advanced Mechatronics, which presently is recognized as a key technology in mechatronics.

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The robustness of motion control will be represented as a function of stiffness and a basis for practical realization. Target of motion is parameterized by control stiffness which could be variable according to the task reference. However, the system robustness of motion always requires very high stiffness in the controller. Avionics is also considered a variant of mechatronics as it combines several fields such as electronics and telecom with Aerospace engineering.

The Internet of things IoT is the inter-networking of physical devices, embedded with electronics , software , sensors , actuators , and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. The university location Schweinfurt is situated in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany.

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Franconia, in the northern part of the federal state Bavaria, offers high recreational value as a region of cultural and culinary delight. Due to the favourable geographic location Schweinfurt is a perfect starting point to discover Germany and Europe. The international airports of Frankfurt am Main and Munich are within easy reach.

Schweinfurt, with a population of 57,, is well known for its metal industry. Apart from accommodation at favourable prices and a reasonable cost of living, the town offers students an attractive environment with high recreational value. Thanks to the wide range of industry operating in the area and cooperation between our university and industrial partners, students can find good opportunities for practical semesters and theses. Moreover, the region offers excellent job prospects. Dear students and all interested parties, we are re-designing our website and want to include you in the process.

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Introduction to Mechatronics # Key Elements of Mechatronics System

Previous Next. Programme duration 7 semesters Beginning Winter semester More information on beginning of studies The academic year always starts in October. Course-specific, integrated German language courses Yes Course-specific, integrated English language courses Yes. Academic Admission Requirements Secondary education diploma A level or equivalent If required: evidence of periods of study or certificates Every qualification must be checked individually, depending on the educational background of each student.