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Book Description Golden Books, Condition: New. Never used!. Seller Inventory P Seller Inventory M Surprise At Starlight Mansion Jem. Golden Books.

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Publisher: Golden Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis The head of a music company who has the power to transform herself into a rock singer feels bad when it seems everyone is going to a party but her. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

Jem and the Holograms: Reunion Tour?

Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Johnny, Lena, and all the other Jem Jam guests also pitch in to get them to stop. Aja immediately gets the party rolling by doing a karate flip to one guy without him even expecting it! See, this is why I love Aja Jem uses a little bit of Synergy magic to transform a couple of guitars into That's about the description that I would use. Either way, it causes the punks to drop the guitars and gives Rio and Johnny Deacon enough time to throw them off the premises.

Lindsey and Lena use the power of flirtation and karate kicks to abuse another one of the punks, distracting him enough for Kimber to rescue one of the cameras stolen by him. Nice work, ladies! Even the Starlight Girls get in on the action. Ashley leads a charge of Starlight Girls which include Krissie, Deirdre, Ba Nee, Becky, and three other girls we have yet to meet - JoEllen , Marianne , and Terri - to lasso up two of the gang members and tie them up as if they were dancing around a maypole at a Renaissance Faire!

Colour me impressed! Eventually, the Misfits get bored with the party after Jem and her guests beat everyone up, and take off leaving a hotel lobby with broken furniture, food splattered on the walls, and shredded posters of Luna Dark and Johnny Deacon all over the place. Jem is absolutely embarrassed, but with encouragement from Johnny, Lindsey, and the others, Jem cheers up enough to temporarily forget about the large bill they'll likely owe.

The next day, all of the Jem Jam guests arrive at Starlight Mansion where they will be staying for the duration of the Jem Jam. Man, Starlight Mansion must be larger than I thought - unless the Starlight Girls have to share with each other. Certainly one person who isn't interested in sharing at all is Dominic Lerner, who decides that he will be taking over Krissie's bedroom all for himself - despite the fact that Krissie apologized to him for absolutely nothing and tried to be nice to him even though he was being rude.

All Krissie can do is vent to another Starlight Girl, Anne , about how much of a jerk he is.

"Ariana Grande at Starlight" - Deleted Scene from "Jem and The Holograms" (2015)

Okay, so let's see I count eleven girls out of twelve that are supposed to be there. Can anyone tell me who the twelfth girl is supposed to be? I guess that will have to wait, as Ba Nee is moping on the staircase of Starlight Mansion, still longing for her father. Now, I have to say Because even though Ba Nee is a young girl, the person who supplies her singing voice in "A Father Should Be" is Ari Gold - who was then a twelve-year-old boy! But I have to say Gold did a phenomenal job with this song, and it's probably one of the better songs in the Jem discography as far as evoking feeling and emotions.

Jem and the Holographic Feminisms (#2)

And it's not even a Jem song! At least if one of the Holograms left the band, they could recruit Ba Nee as a stand in. Ashley manages to snap Ba Nee out of it long enough for her to stop being anti-social and start meeting some of the Jem Jam guests. As if we haven't met enough new people in this episode, Johnny Deacon introduces Jem to one of his band members, Randy James. And notice how red his hair happens to be? Didn't Ba Nee's father supposedly have red hair? Uh oh Jem doesn't seem to think that this is a bad thing, and even Randy seems to be charmed by the young Vietnamese girl.

But I have this sinking feeling that this is going to end in heartbreak for our young Ba Nee. Of course, for the moment, Ba Nee is cheering Randy on in a game of volleyball that Jem and the Holograms are playing with the Jem Jam musicians, and I have to say, I really like how close this group has gotten. There's also a scene in which Johnny Deacon tells Jem about how he can fly a helicopter and invites Jem to take a ride with him.

Jem accepts - with Rio standing just a few feet away! And somewhere out there, the song "Jealousy" starts to play in the background. Though Rio, to his credit, lets Jem go on the helicopter ride without feeling the need to punch Johnny out. Maybe his temper is getting better? While the helicopter ride is going on, it seems that over on the rooftop of Misfits Music, Eric, Clash, Techrat, and the Misfits are embarking on a new promotional gimmick.

Apparently that idea is for the group to release ten thousand helium balloons over the city of Los Angeles with the Misfits logo stitched onto them. Pizzazz and Roxy think the idea is stupid and they let Eric know this. I actually agree with them!

The balloons are going to eventually pop or deflate and litter the city streets with multicoloured latex confetti Don't even get me started on the damage those balloons would do to the ocean! Anyway, the balloons are launched at exactly the same time that Johnny flies his helicopter over Misfits Music. So what happens is that the balloons get caught up in the propellers of the helicopter stalling the engine. The helicopter crashes onto the roof of Misfits Music in a huge fireball incinerating both Johnny and Jem.

The end.

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Just kidding. Nobody dies in Jem except for Emmett Benton. Johnny gets the engines going just in time and they fly off towards Starlight Mansion. And once more, the Misfits get away with attempted murder. Though it wasn't premeditated.

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I don't know. It's just wrong, I tell you! Once Jem and Johnny arrive back at the mansion and Jem tells the group everything that happened with the helicopter, Kimber and Aja pick up a couple of stray balloons and deduce that the Misfits were responsible. Since, you know Geez, these girls make the Scooby-Doo crew look like Sherlock Holmes! At Techrat's metal igloo, the Misfits and Eric have another meeting with Clash, who somehow has successfully gotten the flight schedules for the following morning.

We have no idea how she gets the itinerary, but it doesn't matter that much. The important thing is that the Jem Jam isn't complete without Luna Dark, and the Misfits now have the exact time when she will be arriving. I get the feeling that the plan involves the Misfits intercepting Luna Dark and keeping her hostage before Jem can get there.

My question is Force her to sing? It's not a well thought out plan, but Techrat has the device that will change the electronic signs in the airport to deceive Jem.

Rough Weeks, a jem fanfic | FanFiction

And when Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer test out Techrat's device on the flight arrival screen, they are surprised to see that it works! The device changes the arrival gate of Luna's flight to Gate In the meantime, the Misfits arrive at the true arrival gate - Gate 2. And Luna Dark seems kind of surprised that Jem now has lime green hair and that she seems to be quite snarly and crude. Nevertheless, Luna decides to go with them because the plot dictates it.