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We are a digital lab. What are your hours? What is your phone number? What is your e-mail address?

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Where are you located? Can I make an appointment? You can, but an appointment is not necessary. Walk-ins are always welcome. Does my media or work leave your location?

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How long until my finished product is done? Having a regular maintenance programme for this equipment can make all the difference, ensuring your equipment works when you need it, reduces the risk of failure and prolongs the life of your investment. If something does go wrong, you need a quick and professional repair service that can get your digital imaging equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

Digital Photo Solutions provide maintenance and repair solutions for imaging products across our portfolio. Digital Photo Solutions are partners with both Epson and Canon on their managed print services and can advise on the right package for your needs. Epson Print is a professional managed print service package.

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It offers businesses significant cost reduction in printing when compared with supplies and service cover bought separately. Digital Photo Solutions work with you to work out your monthly ink and print volume and future printing requirements.

This will determine the level of supplies you will need for the three-year period, along with the average fixed monthly fee. You will have a dedicated web portal which will enable you to managed your print requirements. The package includes free delivery and three-year warranty. Visit Website Make an enquiry. Once you have chosen your machines and they have been delivered and installed, you will be issued with a machine bill on the 25th of every month for the duration of the 36 month contract.

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This bill is inclusive of a fully comprehensive maintenance contract which covers you for any and all hardware problems that may occur, including faulty printheads. Our technical support team is always on hand should you have any software issues, and they can even control your PC or Mac remotely to help you get back up and printing. Last summer, I shot photographs and wrote an article about building birch bark canoes using traditional Indigenous methods.

He was working, and he was not going to move everything for me. The color photograph is relatively flat. From an art standpoint, this image would never work. From a journalist standpoint, they are less picky about these types of issues, but there had to be a balance. The editor of the article, however, did agree that the bright light did take away from the photograph.

Our solution was to post-process using black and white. The advantage of black and white is it allows you to hide washed-out colors and lessens the effect of blown-out whites.

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It is an option to consider when working in such harsh lighting conditions. Here is the unedited photograph. I did my best to balance the exposure for bright light and harsh shadows. In this situation, you could once again use HDR.

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There are some other options to consider, as well. Consider using a flash to fill in shadows created when you balance out the lighting. In the situation below a flash and a diffuser were used to create more even lighting. The hanging lights are still bright, but unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done about those.