Complexity: A Guided Tour

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Book Review: “Complexity: A Guided Tour” by Melanie Mitchell

The robot can only check its immediate area for cans and take one of a few actions based on what it sees. The genetic algorithm is able to find cleaning strategies that are both very effective in terms of picking up most of the cans and also surprising in the sense of using techniques not anticipated or imagined by the human programmers. Less clear to me, but no less intriguing, was the chapter about a program that makes analogies. The particular analogies are very abstract, of the sort abc : ijk :: abd :?

You might propose ijl , for example. Replacing a c with a d is analogous to replacing a k with an l because in both cases the letter in the third position is replaced by the letter that comes after it alphabetically.

Complexity: A Guided Tour, Book by Melanie Mitchell (Paperback) |

The goal is to create a computer program that can propose answers to such analogies, such as abc : ijjkkk :: abd :? The solution Mitchell describes is modeled after several complex systems in the physical world and does manage to come up with some nonobvious connections. Either way, it still sounded like a cool program.

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If you are already familiar with complexity topics like chaos theory and genetic algorithms and network theory, this book may not offer much new in the details. Andy has worn many hats in his life. Among his current metaphorical hats: husband of one wife, father of two elementary school students, reader of science fiction and science fact, enthusiast of contemporary symphonic music, and chief science officer. Previous metaphorical hats include: comp bio postdoc, molecular biology grad student, InterVarsity chapter president that one came with a literal hat , music store clerk, house painter, and mosquito trapper.

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Among his more unique literal hats: British bobby, captain's hats of varying levels of authenticity of several specific vessels, a deerstalker from B Baker St, and a railroad engineer's cap. Setting up reading intentions help you organise your course reading. It makes it easy to scan through your lists and keep track of progress.

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    Complexity: A Guided Tour

    To set a reading intention, click through to any list item, and look for the panel on the left hand side:. Richly illustrated, Complexity: A Guided Tour --winner of the Phi Beta Kappa Book Award in Science--offers a wide-ranging overview of the ideas underlying complex systems science, the current research at the forefront of this field, and the prospects for its contribution to solving some of the most important scientific questions of our time.

    The author's enthusiasm and passion for the field make the book fascinating to read. Her rigor, clarity, and healthy skepticism make the book sound and the field scientifically stronger.

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    It is an excellent and rigorous account of the scientific field of complexity. She proves by example that it is possible to explain complex systems science with rigor, breadth, depth, and--above all--exquisite clarity. It is a fine introduction to complexity science and could serve as a first-rate text for an advanced course for undergraduates and an excellent guide for courses at the graduate level. Experts and nonspecialists alike will have a hard time putting it down. Readers may enjoy Mitchell's personal perspective and her inclusion of recent research.

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    Readers who have not been introduced to the ideas explored in Complexity will find the content fascinating. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. As science probes the nature of life, society, and technology ever more closely, what it finds there is complexity.

    The sophisticated group behavior of social insects, the unexpected intricacies of the genome, the dynamics of population growth, and the self-organized structure of the World Wide Web - these are just a few examples of complex systems that still elude scientific understanding. Comprehending such systems seems to require a wholly new approach, one thatgoes beyond traditional scientific reductionism and that re-maps long-standing disciplinary boundaries.

    This remarkably accessible and companionable book, written by a leading complex systems scientist, provides an intimate, detailed tour of the sciences of complexity, a broad set of efforts that seek to explain how large-scale complex, organized, and adaptive behavior can emerge from simple interactions among myriad individuals.

    In this richly illustrated work, Melanie Mitchell describes in equal parts the history of ideas underlying complex systems science, the current research at the forefrontof this field, and the prospects for the field's contribution to solving some of the most important scientific questions of our current century. Seller Inventory AOP More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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