Communism and the Emergence of Democracy

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As we emerge from the long winter of neoliberalism, and the search is on for ideas that can help shape a contemporary popular socialism, some of the questions that have preoccupied socialist thinkers throughout left history are once more being debated.

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Should the left press for reform and work through the state or should it focus on protest and a critique of the whole system? Is it possible to expand the liberal idea of democracy to include economic democracy? Arguments on questions such as these have been raging since the mid-nineteenth century, and were the basis of the split between Social Democrats and Communists in the aftermath of the First World War.

His argument is that the democratic and liberal counter-currents that have always existed within the communist movement have much to offer the left project today. Search form Search. Political projects, on the other hand, are time-bound and operate in a resistant medium.

The neo-liberal revolution and the demise of communism have, between them, driven the possibility of a post-capitalist world over the edge of political space into the realms of utopian space. Equally, just as globalisation has not eliminated institutional and cultural variety from the world, so there is no reason to suppose that the neo-liberal form of capitalism will be the last. There is every reason to do what we can to replace it by a better form, not just by working for regime change at the national level, but by heading off the current slide into international anarchy and rebuilding a rules-based global order.

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Share link. Read more! Get our weekly email Enter your email address. His central concern is the troubled relationship between communism and democracy. The short communist century Given the appalling human rights record of the USSR and the quasi-military character of the Leninist vanguard party, one might suppose that a book about communism and democracy would be rather short. Irreducible uncertainty Can the communist-shaped hole in our politics be filled by forming a new party or breathing fresh vigour and purpose into an old one?

New wine in old Communist bottles?

Enter your email address. Related articles. Several guests were not members of the party, but at the convention to learn more about it.

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Timothy Faye, who is not a communist but is interested in leftist causes, came to Chicago from Rhode Island. While many older Americans may have a negative view of communism, he said, younger people like him may be more open to its message.

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