Cloud Manufacturing: Distributed Computing Technologies for Global and Sustainable Manufacturing

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Advances in Sustainable and Competitive Manufacturing Systems. Complex Engineering Service Systems. Irene Ng. Machining of Titanium Alloys. Paulo Davim. Disassembly Automation. Supachai Vongbunyong. Cloud as a Service. Enrique Castro-Leon. Digital Factory for Human-oriented Production Systems.

Distributed Computing Technologies for Global and Sustainable Manufacturing

Luca Canetta. Entrepreneurship in Innovation Communities. Jan-Peter Ferdinand.

Circular Economy 2030: Cloud Computing for a Sustainable Revolution (Cloud Next '19)

Smart Grid Security. Florian Skopik. The Management of Additive Manufacturing. Mojtaba Khorram Niaki. Advances in Through-life Engineering Services. Louis Redding. Advanced Welding Processes. J Norrish.

Implementing Edge Computing

Theodor Borangiu. Additive Manufacturing of Metals. John O. One-of-a-Kind Production.

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Yiliu Tu. Damien Trentesaux. Sheet Metal Forming Processes. Dorel Banabic. Shoe Factory Efficiency. Wayne Herrera. Mohd Sapuan Salit. Jin Kuk Kim.

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Designing, Developing, and Facilitating Smart Cities. Vangelis Angelakis. Reliability, Maintainability and Risk. David J. Cloud Computing for Enterprise Architectures.

Cloud Manufacturing

Ershi Qi. Sustainable Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Management. Weidong Li. Continue shopping. Item s unavailable for purchase. Please review your cart. Following an introduction to the essential features of Cloud Computing, chapters cover a range of methods and applications such as the factors that actually affect adoption of the Cloud Computing technology in manufacturing companies and new geometrical simplification method to stream 3-Dimensional design and manufacturing data via the Internet. This compilation of up to date research and literature can be used as a textbook or reference for mechanical, manufacturing, and computer engineering graduate students and researchers for efficient utilization, deployment and development of distributed and Cloud manufacturing systems, services and applications.

Springer Professional. Back to the search result list. Table of Contents Frontmatter Chapter 1.

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Nowadays, Cloud Computing technology is providing a new way to do business by offering a scalable, flexible service over the Internet. It creates new solutions and opportunities to the modern enterprises, including the manufacturing industry. In this chapter, the essential features of Cloud Computing are discussed followed by a Cloud Manufacturing concept. ICMS provides a Cloud-based environment integrating existing and future manufacturing resources by packaging them using the Virtual Function Block mechanism and standardized description.

In the past decade, disassembly of WEEE to support remanufacturing and recycling has been growingly adopted by industries. With the increasing customization and diversity of Electrical and Electronic Equipment EEE and more complex assembly processes, full disassembly of WEEE is rarely an ideal solution due to high disassembly cost.

Selective disassembly, which prioritizes operations for partial disassembly according to the legislative and economic considerations of specific stakeholders, is becoming an important yet still challenging research topic in recent years. In this chapter, a Particle Swarm Optimization PSO -based selective disassembly planning method embedded with customizable decision-making models and a novel generic constraint handling algorithm has been developed. With multi-criteria decision making models, the developed method is flexible to handle WEEE to meet the various requirements of stakeholders.

Based on the generic constraint handling and intelligent optimization algorithms, the research is capable to process complex constraints and achieve optimized selective plans. Practical cases on Liquid Crystal Display LCD televisions have been used to verify and demonstrate the effectiveness of the research in different application scenarios.

A distributed environment to deploy the service for remote access and control has been designed to support collaborative work. As outsourcing demands related to machining task are appearing to be increasingly explosive in recent years, especially in small and medium size manufacturing enterprises, a new production and operation phenomenon characterized by outsourcing machining services has emerged consequently. But the distributed machining resources MRs in the society limit the execution of these outsourced tasks.

Under this circumstance, a Cloud Machining Community CMC is proposed in this chapter mainly focusing on outsourced tasks related to machining processes and parts.

Cloud Manufacturing |

Furthermore, it could integrate the distributed socialized MRs and provide customers with on-demand machining services to fulfill all the outsourced tasks. The comprehensive framework and operation mode are established firstly, and roles classification in CMC is also talked about. Then, three key enabling technologies are put forward and analyzed in detail, namely virtual access of socialized machining resources, broadcasting and contracting of outsourcing tasks, and machining process monitoring towards a specific outsourcing task.

A simple use case fashioning a torque arm of an airplane undercarriage is studied so as to demonstrate the feasibility and applicability of the proposed framework and technologies. Finally, some conclusions are drawn at the end of this article. The idea that drives Cloud technology shows great opportunities that can be exploited by an organization.